Our Easy Routine For Removing Braids/Twists

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Over the past decade my hair has consistently been in either braids or twists. Removing them myself and untangling all the knots without shedding too much of my hair was definitely a challenge!

Throughout the years, I have tried different tips and tricks for removing braids/twists & have finally found the routine that works perfectly for me. I can now easily detangle any knots and remove build up, without pulling out my hair strands out of frustration – we’ve all been there.

The items I use:

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My routine:

1. Mix 40ml of apple cider vinegar and 40ml of water in your spray bottle.

2. Open up your jar of coconut oil and place somewhere you can easily reach.

3. Section your hair into 4 parts and cut the ends of your braids or twists for the 1st section.

Tip: Cut as close as possible to your natural hair as that means less of the extension you’ll need to unravel. Make sure you do not cut off any natural hair by taking a good look at the braid/twist to see where your hair sprouts out. Then, cut just below that area.

4. Use the fine-toothed comb or your fingers to unravel the extension until it detaches from your hair.

5. Spray the apple cider vinegar and water mixture on the build up closest to your scalp.

6. Once your hair is wet, gently pull your strands apart to break down the build up.

7. Once separated, use the fine-tooth comb to comb out the build up, starting from the bottom and working your way to your scalp.

Tip: If your hair is still difficult to comb through, spray more of the apple cider mixture on the difficult area. Then, gently pull apart with your fingers until the build up or knot has separated.

8. Once you are able to comb through from scalp to bottom, pick up a small amount of coconut oil with your fingers. If needed, warm the oil up with your fingers by rubbing them together. ?

9. Apply the liquid coconut oil to the hair strand, smoothing it through from scalp to end.

Why? The coconut oil helps to seal in moisture from the water and vinegar spray. This prevents your hair from drying out, like a pre-wash deep condition. Not a fan of coconut oil? Use any another oil that you prefer!

10. Start on your next braid/twist and repeat the steps above.

Tip: To prevent your natural hair from tangling while you’re removing other extensions, braid or twist sections of your hair to keep it out of the way.

11. You have now removed all the extensions from the first section of your hair. Untangle all of the smaller braids/twists you may have created and comb through the section with your wide toothed comb.

12. Using all the hair in the first section, create one or two braids/twists.

13. Move on to the next section and repeat all the steps.

At the end, your hair should be coated in coconut oil, combed through and sectioned into 4 – 8 braids or twists. Next up, hit the showers & start your wash day routine.

And that’s it.

It works wonders for me and it just might for you too!

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