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At theBlacBox we strive to simplify the search and discovery process for products that actually work for black women. And not black women as a whole, but for each woman individually.

Finding products that work for you is an incredibly subjective (and difficult) process. Because of this, a ‘one size fits all’ strategy just doesn’t cut it.

My 4c hair is definitely not the same as someone else’s 4c hair.

For example, I’ve found a lot of YouTubers with hair types similar to mine and followed their tutorials step by step – minute by minute. Even then, the end result is nothing like I expected.

Sometimes it’s not the technique itself, but the actual products used. They don’t have the same effect on your hair as it did on theirs. And that’s okay! One size does not fit all.

We’re here to help you find the products that work amazingly for you. And not just for your hair, but for your skin type and skin tone as well.

Plus, you can change your profile whenever your needs change, so you’re guaranteed to receive products that are suitable for you anytime of the year.

Whether you have braids today, natural hair next month and a wig the month after, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

How We Personalise Your BlacBox.

When creating your profile, you specify your skin tone, skin type, hair type & hair style – and change them whenever your needs change. Tailoring your BlacBox to your needs and preferences is our #1 priority. We will continuously refine our profiling & add more options for black women to choose from.

To do this effectively, feedback from our community is essential.

To personalise your BlacBox, we match your products to your profile based on reviews and advice from experienced beauty editors. You’ll receive at least 2 haircare products, 2 skincare products and 2 products suitable for your skin tone.

And the best part? All products are from black-owned businesses.

Create your profile to get started!

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