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Black Soap Gentle Cleanser

Sent to all subscribers.

Retail Price: $15 / 100 dkk / £12

A mineral-rich, curated blend of botanical ingredients that cleanses and soothes your skin. Black soap is a beauty secret that has been used for generations to maintain exceptionally clear skin.

To use, place a small amount on your fingers and massage onto your face until a lather forms. Rinse off and pat dry with a towel.

Why actress Amirah Vann (How To Get Away With Murder) loves this cleanser:

“I use this daily, morning and night! Taking off your makeup at night is so important. Our faces come in contact with so many pollutants during the day and then adding in makeup … yikes. This gives a really thorough yet gentle cleanse without leaving any residue. Add in your night creams, and the hours you sleep become healing magic hours.” (Source)

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Rose Water Hydrating Mist

Sent to subscribers with dry, sensitive & mature skin types.

Retail Price: $17 / 115 dkk / £13 

Hydrate, tighten and tone with this premium distilled rose water to maintain youthful & dewy skin. It can also be used to set or refresh make-up!

Use immediately after cleansing to calm & restore your skin’s natural pH or use throughout the day to maintain hydrated skin. Follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

Why actress Amirah Vann (How To Get Away With Murder) loves this rose mist:

“This mist is refreshing and moisturizing, which is great for balancing my rosacea. I love using this just out the shower and before moisturizing, day and night. Sometimes I’ll spray it on my face midday as a refresher. It calms my redness and adds extra moisture to my dry areas.” (Source)

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Daily Fruit Balancing Toner

Sent to subscribers with normal, oily and combination skin types.

Retail Price: $17 / 115 dkk / £13 

Balance, repair and tone with this premium toner complete with distilled fruit extracts and dead sea salts. Excellent for maintainaing clear, vibrant and balanced skin.

Use immediately after cleansing & liberally mist your face and neck. Then, gently pat the toner into the skin. You can also use this to spot treat blemishes with a cotton ball. Follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

“Super refreshing and uplifting toner. I keep it in my bag and spray it throughout the day when I need a pick me up!” (Source)

“All I can say is yeeees to this natural balancing toner. It is a part of my morning routine and my face and I love this product! This natural toner is on my favorites list. It’s very refreshing to my combination skin. I’ve been using it for over three months and I haven’t had a major acne breakout yet…thank you! #customerforlife” (Source)

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