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Jacque Mgido Eyebrow Gel Pomade in Light & Dark Brown

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Retail Price: $10 / 70 dkk / £8 

A full pigment and buildable pomade made to fill in pesky gaps and give you detailed brows. Comes with an angle brush that helps you achieve natural-looking hair like strokes.

To use, separate the brush from the pomade handle and gently dip into the gel. Apply it to your skin & hair and allow time to blend before drying down.

“I love the little brush that’s built into the handle and the gel has great staying power. No touch-ups throughout the day. Will def re-order when I run-out!!!” (Source)

“I love this product, because it’s so easy to use. The color works perfectly with my brows, making them look full and, most importantly, natural.” (Source)

“Love it. I have been using Anastasia pomade and this is definitely comparable in pricing. Very excellent product.” (Source)

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Jacque Mgido Brow Fixer

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Retail Price: $6 / 40 dkk / £5 

Keeps your brows in place, making it easier to shape and fill in your eyebrows to your liking.

To use, smooth the gel onto your brows and use the applicator to shape and contour. For best results, use before the gel pomade.

“As a finishing touch, makes eyebrows look natural and sharp” (Source)

“I love the brow fixer! The only thing I’d change is to have it come in a larger size.” (Source)

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