Why We Source All Our Products From Black-Owned Businesses

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Two years ago at the Emmys, a journalist asked Issa Rae who she was rooting for. She said, “I’m rooting for everybody black”. After all, if we don’t root for ourselves, who will? But it’s not just about supporting each other. It’s about what the future holds if we don’t.

Statistics show that by 2053, the median wealth for black families in the US is projected to fall to zero. In Sweden, anti-black racism and discrimination in the labor market is on the rise. On one end, we have a white supremacist as President. On the other, we have one of the happiest countries in the world. And in both countries, the livelihoods of black families are at risk.

That’s why we source all our products from black-owned businesses. We’re hoping to tip the scales in favour of black families and protect their livelihoods. It may not be a lot, but it’s something.

Issa Ray responding to the journalists question.

Beauty & The Benefits of Supporting Black-Owned Brands

One of our goals at theBlacBox is to find those black-owned brands that are worth every penny – and connect them with their audience.

Over the last couple of years, brands have become much more inclusive with their product ranges, and we have Fenty Beauty to thank for that. While it’s great to see mainstream brands finally valuing black consumers, we should remember that there are black-owned brands who never had to make the conscious effort to create products for us.

These businesses make a tremendous effort to provide products for darker skin tones. They understand the unique challenges we face and are working to create solutions specifically for them. Because of this, their products are much better suited for melanin-rich skin than standard drug store brands.

Take Beauty Bakerie, for example, a brand owned by Cashmere Nicole. After 4 years of struggling to get in front of the right audience, the brand finally took off in 2015. 4 years later, it has become a well-known name in the beauty industry that caters incredibly well to the diverse ranges of melanin-rich skin.

Of course, we shouldn’t blindly support black-owned businesses with substandard products or unethical practices. Instead, we should challenge our status quo of holding on to our staples for dear life. There are great black-owned brands whose products are just as good (& even better) than those we currently use. At the very least, they’re worth a try.

Explore our shop for incredible products from outstanding black-owned brands.

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Mayfield · 16th November 2019 at 10:50 am

This is so important to discuss and the lack of products for black women that I’m aware of in certain places ie Copenhagen is pretty bad, looking forwards to getting some more stuff for us black women !

    Abi · 16th November 2019 at 11:14 am

    Completely agree, it’s pretty shocking! We can’t wait to share to great products with you all ❤️

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