Your September BlacBox: Unboxed

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RLG Cosmetics Anita B Palette
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Retail Price: 176 dkk / £21 / €23

This palette contains a range of colours that are perfect for endless looks, from a glamorous nude to a sultry smoky eye. All finishes and textures are long lasting and smudge proof, with a smooth, buttery feel when applying. With no fallout and a light-weight formula, this palette is perfect for beginners and make-up enthusiasts.

Use by swirling your eyeshadow brush into the colour of your choice and applying directly unto your eyelids. Can be used without an eyeshadow primer, due to the high pigment of each colour.

RLG Cosmetics RE2 Eyeshadow Brush
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Retail Price: 45 dkk / £5.50 / €6

A fluffy brush specifically made for picking up and blending out eyeshadow colours. This brush is non-irritant to the skin and perfect for using with the Anita B Palette. To maintain the quality of the brush, wash gently with anti-bacterial soaps or liquid and avoid pulling on the hairs.

Swirl your eyeshadow brush into the colour of your choice and apply directly unto your eyelids. This brush can be used to apply a single colour, or to blend multiple colours together.

Create the eyeshadow look of your dreams and order through theBlacBox Shop.

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